Government of Nepal
Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development
Seed Quality Control Centre
Harihar Bhavan, Lalitpur.
Very important information regarding online application and demand, supply details entry for Incentive Subsidy on Advanced Seed Production of Rice and Price Subsidy on Use of Advanced Seed
(First published date: 2080 Chaitra 5th Friday.
In the current fiscal year 2080/081, program and budget through the federal conditional budget according to the approved seed production, supply and management guidelines, 2078 to strengthen the production, supply and distribution system of quality seeds and promote indigenous varieties in coordination and cooperation of the union, state and local levels. Incentive subsidy programs for advanced seed producers of rice operated by the allocated provincial level (Agricultural Knowledge Center/Agricultural Development Office/Integrated Agriculture and Livestock Development Office) and advanced seed user farmers operated through local levels with program and budget allocation 50 percent price for the use of advanced rice seeds To participate in the subsidy program, seed producers and related local levels should go to or go to website in the Seed Subsidy Management System (DESES) under Program/System. Online registration by uploading the specified documents within the following conditions and within the time limit (there is no need to re-register because of this over-registration, the advanced seed producers can log in directly and the advanced seed production incentive subsidy department of the system and the related local levels After collecting the demand for advanced rice seeds from the farmers at their local level, only the amount of advanced rice seeds that can be provided with 50% price subsidy from the federal government budget allocated for this program is informed to enter the demand details in respect of the price subsidy for using advanced seeds.
Conditions/Restrictions and Time Limits

  1. Incentive subsidy for the production of advanced rice seeds and price subsidy for use.
    The nature of the seed
    thick medium
    Varieties of rice crops
    Advanced seed pearls (Rs. per kg) ६०
    To advanced seed producers
    Incentive grant amount available (Rs. per kg) १५
    Advanced Beau Users
    Price subsidy available to farmers (Rs. per kg)
    Mahuguni-1, Bahuguni-2, Sukkha Dhan-1, Sukkha Dhan-2, Sukkha Dhan-3, Sukkha Chan-4, Sukkha Dhan-5, Sukkha Dhan-6, Hardinath-2, Hardinath-3, Hardinath 4 Sabitri, Radha-4, Swarga Sub-1, Radha-7, Radha-11, Radha-12, Radha-13, Radha-14, Makwanpur-1 Chait-1 Chait-2, Chait 6, Sehrai Sub-1, Tahera-1 , Paiya-3, Hardinath-5, Gangasagar-1, Gangasagar-2 Democracy
    Hardinath-1, Sarya Masuli Sub-1, Hadinath Sabon Mamuli, Ramdhan, Chaite-5, Hardinay-6
    Species of Suman series,
    Masini and Basnadar etc. suitable for high hilly areas
    Khumal-4, Khumal-10, Khumal-11, Khumal-12 Khumal-13 Khumal-14, Sugandhi Paddy-1, Lalka Basmati, Sunolo Sugandha, Suddhodhan Kalanamak, Khumal Basmati-16, Chhomrong, Machhapuchhe-1, Pokhareli Jethobudho, Chandannath-1, Chandannath-3, Lekali-1, Lekali-3
    At the price mentioned in this table, 50% of the price subsidy will be available according to clause (g), (h) and (a) of sub-section 5 of section 10 of the directive.
  2. Only farmers, farmer groups/agricultural cooperatives/community seed banks/companies/firms involved in advanced seed production without original seed production permit and using original or certified crowding will be allowed to participate in the incentive subsidy program for advanced seed production.
  3. Advanced seed producers who apply online for the incentive subsidy for the production of advanced seeds of rice at the price mentioned in Clause 1 of the conditions.
    Advanced seeds with quality tagging, wrapping and labeling should be provided by fulfilling all conditions of seed production including seed processing, seed treatment. 4. Subsidies receiving incentives for advanced seeds and local levels requesting seeds must compulsorily supply and distribute seeds according to the regulations prepared by the Digitally Enabled Seed Management System (DESES).
  4. Registration start date: 2080 Chaitra 5th Friday
  5. Registration End Date: Sunday 25th Chaitra 2080
  6. Last date for entry of advanced seed value and supply details by advanced seed producers by concerned local level through DESES: 8. For other conditions and information, see,, Seed Production, Supply and
    Management Directory, 2078 can be viewed.
    For more information: Seed Quality Control Centre, Harihar Bhavan, Sanitpur: 01-5421359, 9845125090, 9841192656
    Department of Agriculture, Harihar Bhavan, Lalitpur: 01-5421323, 9843743957 and related district

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